Janurary 2018

STR Engineering is celebrating 15 years of successful business and excellence. The clients’ satisfaction and referrals are the main reasons for our success. We have accomplished more than 350 projects in different building sectors, and look forward to continue growing and getting involved with more challenging projects.


Janurary 2013

STR Engineering is celebrating 10 years of successful business and excellence. During last decade we have completed more than 250 projects and helped our clients to reach their goals. The clients’ satisfaction fulfills our efforts and encourages us to grow and getting involved with larger and more complicated projects.
We look forward to have another successful decade, full of new challenges and joy of accomplishments.


November 2012

STR Engineering is nominated for the Ontario Wood Design Award for two of its chalet projects in Collingwood, Ontario.


December 2010

We are pleased to announce that STR Engineering successfully completed structural review and preparation of permit structural documents for  several residential and commercial buildings for installation of  solar power systems.

The Ontario Government passed the Green Energy Act (GEA) in May 2009. The GEA is expected to bring new investment into Ontario’s renewable energy infrastructure and help build a greener economy by creating new jobs, decreasing a reliance on coal fired power plants, and protecting the environment.

As part of the GEA initiatives, the Ontario Power Authority launched a feed-in-tariff (FIT) program which replaces the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Contract (RESOP) program and makes it easier for Ontario residents to install solar power.

The Ontario government offers some of the most generous incentives in the world to promote the installation of renewable energy systems, in particular solar photovoltaic systems. This program returns the retail sales tax paid on solar energy systems to homeowners and builders who install these systems into residential buildings, including houses and multi-residential buildings.


February 2008

STR Engineering successfully completed the Structural Design of the Landmark Shopping Mall in joint venture with Halcrow Yolles. The architectural design was done by Petroff Partnership Architects. The project was delivered under fast-tracking process using sequential tendering packages.

The Landmark, which is located in the north Scarborough, will accommodate over 500 shops under one roof and is announced as the North America’s largest condo shopping mall. This unique and complex project has a total building area of close to a million square feet. The building is two stories high with one level of underground parking garage.  



March 2007

STR Engineering successfully completed the Structural Design of The Ronald V Joyce Stadium of the McMaster University in joint venture with Halcrow Yolles. The $45M project included a 6,000 seat stadium and a 300 space reinforced concrete parking garage with area of 14,000 m2, located under the football/soccer field. The project was designed by Diomand+Schmitt Architects.